Mutual Discretion

Discretion will always be my number one priority. Like any other profession I take this seriously and hold myself to the highest standard and professional ethics.

Your privacy is very important to me, I take great care in ensuring that any personal information you share with me is kept confidential. Please return the courtesy by keeping the details of our meeting and any personal information I choose to share with you private.


This website is completely genuine as are all of the pictures displayed on it. I don't believe in any false promotion. 

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I see a very limited number of clients due to my busy professional/personal life, same-day appointments are rarely possible. To secure our date, a 20% deposit is required for all new friends and for all travel dates, this can be done via Paypal, bank transfer or certain E-gift cards. Please kindly note that our date will not be secured until a deposit is received.

The Envelope

I take great pride in my appearance, presentation, and the companionship I provide. I understand that my investment schedule may not be suitable for everyone, but sincerely believe it is reflective of the value bestowed in return. Please provide the envelope at the start of our date to ensure a smooth start to our time together.

General Courtesy

Manners costs nothing but buys everything, Kindness and Respect are KEY to having a successful engagement and also leaves the door open for more dates in the future. I welcome your finesse, tact, discretion, and sensitivity. Please be a gentlemen and treat me and my time with respect.


I'm based in Milan but i travel frequently due to other personal and professional commitments and if possible I can accommodate appointment requests to my domestic and international trips, travel announcements are posted on my Twitter. If your city is not included in my touring schedule when I travel, I'm always available for Fly-Me-To-You dates!

Exclusive arrangement

If you are a gentleman who wants more than a short date and requires a long term, regular lover and friend, I offer a bespoke monthly arrangement! Perfect for those who want to build a long lasting relationship.

Please note arrangement are for returning clients only.

Longer engagements

Dates 3 hours or longer must include social time such drink, dinner, shows, museum, shopping or whatever your heart desires. Let me know if you would like my list of favorite places, I have travelled the world and I consider myself a connoisseur of of the trendiest restaurants and best cocktail bars. For travel dates and overnight, I require at least 6 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep.


Whatever the reason, take your pleasure seriously. I kindly request for you to have respect and consideration of my time, prioritise our meeting and schedule accordingly. I do understand that occasionally a date may need to be cancelled, if so please notify me at least 48hrs in advance and you can re-schedule for another time without losing your deposit. I value Your precious time, as, I expect, You do value Mine.